Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

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Specific Configuration for Annual Output of 5000 Tons of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Forklift bin: Use a forklift to move the fermented animal manure to the semi-finished stacking area. It is convenient to treat organic fertilizer fermented by the compost turner every day.

Groove type compost turner: Using groove type does not need to build trough, and the machine can directly stack materials into strips.

Rotary drum screening machine: Sieve the fermented animal manure and separate out the large particles and debris fiber.

Semi-wet material crusher: Crush the large particles and stones after sorting, which is beautiful in appearance and can ensure the quality of the product.

Horizontal type mixer: Mixing the organic fertilizer after sieving and crushing can ensure the stability of product quality. The mixer also can help to add fertilizer and trace elements in the production of special fertilizer and various compound fertilizer.

Granulator: For the granulation of fertilizer after crushing and mixing.

Dryer & cooler: Drying and cooling the fertilizer granules.

Packing machine: Packing the final fertilizer granules to sale.

The configuration for different organic fertilizer production line is different because of different production capacity and raw materials. Among the different equipment model, the price is different to some extent, and he higher the output, the higher the equipment price will be. Organic fertilizer is widely used in farmland, fruit trees, flowers, landscaping, high-grade lawn, soil improvement and other fields, so investing organic fertilizer making industry is a good choice.