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Factory Site Selection of Starting Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Factory

  1. Choose a place with abundant raw materials and convenient transportation. The factory should be near from the main traffic lines, and the bridge on the way from the factory to the main artery should be able to pass trucks with a load of more than 30 tons. This not only is conductive to production and transportation, but also can reduce costs.
  2. The factory should has flat terrain, hard geology, low water table and good ventilation, and avoids the area that may be flooded or prone to landslide and landslip.
  3. The surroundings of organic fertilizer making factory should have no these factories that manufacture inflammable & explosive products and discharge toxic gas & harmful dust, the new factory should also be far away from residential area.
  4. Choose a place where the raw materials are easy to be collected. For a fertilizer plant with an annual output of 50,000-100,000 tons, the distance between factory and the place for supplying materials should be with in 10 meters.
  5. Adjust measures to local conditions, and use land economically. Make full use of wasteland or idle land, and occupy little or no arable land.
  6. The factory should not be too far from the power line to reduce power system investment and power loss. The water source is also necessary to meet the requirements on the production, life and fire control.