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The powdery chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

The intestines of chicken is short and chicken manure contains a lot of undecomposed organic matter. Chicken manure is made into fertilizer, which has high nutrition and strong fertility. It is conducive to fertile soil and improve the yield of crop. There are many methods to make chicken manure organic fertlizer. Today, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment will share with you a way to make chicken manure into powdery organic fertilizer.
Chicken manure needs to add auxiliary materials to make organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer equipment used includes forklift compost turner, mixer and crusher. These machines are required for powdery organic fertilizer production line.

Next is the process flow of organic fertilizer.
1.Mixing and stirring the raw materials and auxiliary materials.
If the amount of raw material is large, the stirring will be troublesome. You can use organic fertilizer mixer equipment to stir.
2. The stirred materials are automatically processed by fermentation compost turner or fermentation tank.
3. The fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer can be dried with a dryer or naturally and then crushed with a crusher.