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How to handle pig manure?

Many people think that pig manure is waste. It is difficult to dispose of and the cost is high. This is why farmers are unwilling to dispose of manure. In order to deal with pig manure, farmers can use pig manure as raw material to make organic fertilizer through organic fertilizer making equipment.
The pig manure organic fertilizer production line includes:

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
1. Fermentation compost turner: It is suitable for organic fertilizer raw materials such as animal manure, biogas residue and straw.
2. Semi-wet material crusher: The raw materials is crushed by the upper rotor and the lower rotor at high speed, which is suitable for some lump materials of wet materials.
3. Disc granulator: The rate of pellet can reach over 93%. And the granule has the advantage of high hardness and good appearance.
4. Rotary screening machine: It can separate the particles from the substandard material and transport the substandard material to the disc granulator for reprocessing.
5. Dryer: The heat utilization rate of this machine is high. The drying is fast.
6. Automatic packaging scale: The finished product is packaged to sale on the market.