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Four points on the fermentation of cow dung

(1) Moisture
During fermenting cow manure, the moisture should be 40%-65%. The method of judging is to grasp the materials tightly. The best condition is that the water between figers does not drip. And when loose the hand, the material spreads out on the ground. Besides, less water will cause slower fermentation, and more water will affect the ventilation of its materials, so we must control the moisture.
(2) Temperature
The initial temperature of fermentation can be controlled above 15 ℃, which is more appropriate. And the fermentation will not affected by the season. It can be processed in a greenhouse in winter. It is advisable to control the temperature below 70℃-75℃.
(3) Oxygen
Cow manure requires aerobic fermentation, so we need 2-3 days to use compost turner equipment for turning and throwing during fermentation to supply oxygen. The compost turner can be groove type compost turner, crawler type compost turner, moving type compost turner and so on. If this situation is not taken seriously, it is likely to cause anaerobic fermentation and produce odor, which will affect the effect of fertilizer.
(4) Time
The temperature of fermentation can rise to 50℃-60℃ after 48 hours. On the third day it can reach 65 ℃ or more. And the fermentation of the whole raw material is completed within 15-30 days. When the material is dark brown and white mycelium appears on the surface, it means that the fermentation has been completed.