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How much does it cost to invest in a pig manure organic fertilizer plant?

The investment of pig manure includes site rental, construction of factory buildings, organic fertilizer production line, raw materials, wages and fees of water and electricity. Don’t worry, let’s calculate and make an estimate.
1.Site rental and construction of plant
The site of plant are mostly selected in industrial parks or rural areas that are a little bit closer and at the same time it is close to the raw materials. The price is generally not too high.
The construction area of the plant depends on the annual capacity of the organic fertilizer plant. The annual capacity of organic fertilizer is between 5,000 tons and 10,000 tons. That capacity needs about 1,600 square meters and the speculative amount of building the plant is about 56,000 dollars to more than 76,000 dollars.
2.Organic fertilizer production line

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Regardless of whether the raw materials for organic fertilizer processing are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure or sheep manure, the organic fertilizer production line includes compost turner, semi-wet material crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine and so on. About an annual capacity of 10,000 tons of organic fertilizer, you can choose a small organic fertilizer production line. The price of the small-scale organic fertilizer line can be mare than 15,000 dollars or 30,000 dollars. Different configurations of organic fertilizer equipment have different prices. And the quality of organic fertilizer equipment is different. You can choose the equipment according to your needs.
3.The raw material
This means that there is no raw materials such as chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure. It is necessary to purchase poultry manure from farmers for processing. The price of pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure and other livestock manure changes every year, and the price must be determined according to the situation of annual market. If you have a farm, you can save the cost of purchasing livestock manure.
4.Workers’ fees and utilities
The wages of workers and utility bills in each city are different, you should know the local conditions.
The above content is a rough analysis of the investment in the construction of a pig manure organic fertilizer plant, only for reference, and the actual cost is subject to the local situation.