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How to deal with chicken manure in chicken farms?

1. Directly packaged for sale
The packaged sale of chicken manure not only solves the whereabouts of the largest waste in the chicken farm, but also brings additional income. But growers have obvious seasonal demand for chicken manure. In autumn and winter, the amount of fertilization in farmland is large, and the demand for chicken manure is high. Once the rainy season comes, the sale of chicken manure is very problematic. Generally, at this time, the chicken manure can be made into organic fertilizer by means of fermentation equipment. This is also the most feasible way to deal with chicken manure in the chicken farm at present.

2. Made into organic fertilizer for sale
Compared with the direct sale of chicken manure, the profit after making organic fertilizer can be significantly improved. Although composting is not difficult, it requires a certain investment cost to build a large-scale and industrialized organic fertilizer plant that can achieve stable profitability. And the quality of organic fertilizers currently on the market is uneven. If you buy compost that are not fully fermented, chicken manure will continue to ferment and heat up in the soil, which will easily burn crops. Therefore, the products produced by the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line are often more competitive because of their stable quality.
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