Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

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The advantage of BB fertilizer production line

Bulk blended fertilizer is also called dry blended fertilizer. It is a chemical fertilizer containing any two or three of the three nutrient elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Blended fertilizers can be scientifically formulated according to different crops, soils and capacity. The production process of blended fertilizer is much simpler than that of organic fertilizer. The complete set of BB fertilizer production line equipment is also less than the full set of organic fertilizer production equipment. Let’s take a look at the complete set of blended fertilizer equipment.
The complete production equipment configuration of blended fertilizer includes a set of automatic fertilizer system, automatic batching scale and blending fertilizer mixer.

Advantages of a complete set of mixed fertilizer equipment:
1. Many kinds of ingredients, fast speed, high accuracy
2.Mix uniformly: The mixing of blend fertilizer mixer is stable and full. This can prevent stratification in the mixing process.
3. Fully automatic production: The process is controlled by a microcomputer system, which is easy and quick to operate.
4. The formula is easy to adjust. It was controlled by a microcomputer system and the ingredients can be changed at any time.