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Several important points of fermented animal manure

1. C/N(25 ~ 35): 1
During the fermentation process, when the C/N is low, the reproduction of microorganisms will be decomposed slowly and incompletely due to insufficient energy. Appropriate carbon-nitrogen ratio is beneficial to microbial activity. And it can accelerate compost decomposition of organic matter, and shorten fermentation time.
2. Moisture content 50% ~ 60%
Too high moisture content is not conducive to high temperature aerobic fermentation of materials, and too low moisture content is not conducive to the activity of microorganisms and affects fermentation.

3. Oxygen content 8% ~ 18%
The average oxygen demand depends on the carbon oxidation and aerobic microbial decomposition activities during the composting process. Good ventilation conditions are required in the early stage. If the ventilation is poor, the aerobic microbial composting is slow. The strong decomposition is not conducive to the accumulation of humus.
4. Temperature 50℃ ~ 65℃
When the composting temperature is too low or high temperature (> 70℃), the microbial growth activities excessively consume organic matter, and cause a large amount of ammonia volatilization, which affects the quality of composting.
5. PH6 ~ 9
The pH value affects the growth of microorganisms. Microorganisms are generally suitable for neutral or slightly alkaline pH value. Too high or too low pH value will affect the smoothness of compost.
There are many types of organic fertilizer fermentation turning equipment: moving type fermentation turning machine, groove type fermentation turning machine and crawler type fermentation turning machine. These can be selected according to the actual needs.Different models and configurations is different price, welcome to contact us for details.