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How to extend the service life of organic fertilizer granulator?

1. First of all, the operator should pay attention to regular inspections. Observe the degree of wear and check whether it is serious or very serious. If it belongs to the latter, it should be replaced immediately to prevent accidents.
2. For the bottom frame plane, pay attention to maintaining sanitation and remove dust and other objects in time to prevent the movable bearing from moving smoothly on the bottom frame when the equipment encounters unbreakable materials, which may cause serious accidents.

3. During the operation of the organic fertilizer granulator, it is found that some newly installed is very easy to loosen, so frequent inspections are required. In addition, once the bearing oil temperature is found to rise too fast, or there is an abnormal impact sound from the rotating gear, the power should be cut off immediately, and the cause should be checked and then solved in detail.
4. Good lubricating oil has a great help to bearing life, so the operator should ensure as much as possible that the injected lubricating oil is clean and has good sealing performance.
The above four points are the ways to extend the service life of the organic fertilizer granulator. Pay more attention to the process of using it. Welcome to contact us for more details.