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Deliver Compound Fertilizer Production Line to Uzbekistan

A few months ago we received an enquiry from Uzbekistan. Compared with a lot of suppliers, the customer finally chooses us for our professional skills and sincere attitude. Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment can provide customers with a one-stop service. We can give professional consultation, production, transportation, installation and maintenance and so on. And we have gained more trust from customers.
Recently, the production of the customer’s equipment was completed and we also arranged transportation for him in time. This is a compound fertilizer production line, which mainly includes the following machines.
1. Dynamic automatic batching system: batching the raw material in certain quantity
2. Double shafts horizontal mixer: mixing the mixed fertilizer evenly
3. Rotary drum granulator: making the material to a specific shape
4. Rotary drum drying machine: drying organic fertilizer pellets
5. Rotary drum cooling machine: be used with rotary drum machine to cool fertilizer
6. Rotary screening machine: screening the substandard pellets
7. Rotary coating machine: preventing the lumps of compound fertilizer by powdering powder or liquid coating
8. Single (double) bucket automatic packing machine: packing the finished product in certain quantity