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Comparison of pile type composting and closed fermentation

Pile type composting is to make the raw material mixture into long piles. And the piles should carry out fermentation and decomposition through crawler type compost turner periodic turning and natural ventilation. The cross section of the pile can be trapezoidal, irregular quadrilateral or triangular. Each row of materials is 2-3m wide and 1-1.5m high. The length depends on the actual situation. The characteristic of piles composting to treat animal manure is that the materials can be placed closer to the farmland. And special workshops are not required, but the processing time is relatively long.

crawler type compost turner
The closed high-temperature fermented equipment can transfer up to 80% of the water containing manure through the conveyor belt to the fermenting manure barrel. After high temperature and aerobic fermentation, it can directly process to about 30% of the safe storage moisture at a time. The whole process is finished in the fermentation barrel, so as to reduce the environmental pollution during the drying process.
There are many types of equipment for fermentation, and different equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.