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Causes of roll sticking in double-roll extrusion granulator

During the use of the double-roll extrusion granulator, it is inevitable to encounter various problems. Among them, the most trouble is the material sticking to the roller in the granulation of the double-roll extrusion granulator. Let us introduce the reasons and solutions for material sticking rollers:
Reason 1: The material contains too much moisture
Solution: reduce the moisture content of the material. Generally, the moisture content should be controlled about 5% .
Reason 2: The pressure strength of the billet is not enough
Solution: reduce the gap between the two rolls of the double-roll extrusion granulator, and generally control it between 0.3-1mm.

double-roll extrusion granulator
Reason 3: The surface of the new nest of the double-roll extrusion granulator is rough
Solution: Run the roller extrusion granulator, add abrasives and grind the roller skin.
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